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Mark is a 28 year veteran Promo, Commercial and Trailer voice-over artist.  Starting his voice-over career in Atlanta, GA, Mark’s voice has been heard on TV affiliates, TV networks and radio stations in every market in the U.S. and many around the world. 


As the son of an “old school” radio broadcaster father…and a mom who should have been a college English professor, Mark was naturally conditioned and poised to end up in the broadcasting field in some capacity.  That being said, Mark’s very first job…EVER…was working as a part-time announcer for the music and radio icon, Mr. Sam Phillips, in 1986.  A very short time later, Mark was hired as the full-time night “jock” for the #1 CHR powerhouse in his hometown…which made his last couple of years in high school quite interesting.  At 17, Mark was accepted into the Delayed Entry program for the U.S. Air Force with a guaranteed job classification (79131 at the time) of “Armed Forces Broadcasting”.  To achieve that privilege, an audition had to be submitted to the heads of the branch in Washington D.C.


After the Air Force, Mark continued his radio career in various “medium” radio markets.  During that time, Mark was a Production Director, Program Director and a morning show host (“Production Director” was listed first as audio production and imaging was, and still is, Mark’s biggest passion).


In 1994, Mark and his wife, Monica, put on their entrepreneurial hats and transitioned to the world of professional voiceover on the advice and tutelage of Mrs. Kinder and her son Jeff at RKM Studios (no longer exists) in Atlanta, GA.  In less than 6 months of his first voice-over demo being produced, Mark was selected as the voice of the NBA on TNT and TBS for the 95/96 regular and post seasons.  Before that job came to an end (summer of 1996), Mark was privileged enough to be courted and signed by, at the time, the biggest voice-over talent agency in the country.  Since then, Mark, with the help of his AMAZING agency (still with them!) has been fortunate enough to build an impressive resume and stellar reputation in the business as one of the top professional voice-over artists…worldwide.


Working from his private studio, Mark provides audio via ipDTL, ISDN, and more in any audio format.


Mark is currently represented by Atlas Talent (New York & Los Angeles).  For bookings or more information, please contact one of his agents at (212) 730-4500 or (310) 324-9800.